Tuesday, 15 April 2014

On some more

On Wednesday morning we moved on a little more, the destination for the day was Bramble Cuttings a short hop to the other side of Middlewich that would be 2 or 3 hours cruising. We entered Stanthorne lock on the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie and began our descent into Middlewich to join the Trent and Mersey. We had no queueing for locks as all the movement seemed to coming up from Middlewich making easy work for us. 

Dursley in Stanthorne Lock
We stopped at the bottom of Middlewich locks to get some shopping as this would be the last chance to do so for a few days, as we pulled in we met Mark and Les from n.b. Tallulah who had the very same idea. After passing some time chatting with Mark and Les we passed through Big lock together before going our separate ways again.
Blossom trees just past Croxton aqueduct.
We had a tranquil cruise for the last few miles of the day taking in the Swans that were busy nest building and the stunning crisp white blossom trees along the canal.
We pulled into Bramble Cuttings in the afternoon and managed  to get moored on the end with a bank the full length of the boat as there was only one other boat there.

We were going to move onto Anderton Thursday morning but as we were now alone at Bramble Cuttings we decided to stay another day. It's great place for the dogs to run about in a confined area and of course the odd swim from the beach. We decided we would think about where to tommorrow when tomorrow came.
Russell on is new pillow

On the subject of dogs, Russell our Border Terrier puppy is now settling into the boat and found that Edward makes a very comfortable pillow, but more of Russell in later blogs.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Starting out again

Well here we go, first trip out on our new boat N.B. Dursley, a perfect start to the spring of 2014.

N. B. Dursley

It has taken us much longer than we expected to load Dursley with all of the stuff that you have on a boat. I fact it turns out that moving onto a new boat is not to dissimilar to moving house. Well actually I am sure moving into the house was easier. That said after three weekends and umpteen car trips N.B. Dursley was beginning to feel like home and we were ready for our first trip.

On the evening of Monday 7th April we fired up the engine, untied Durlsley and slowly backed out of our mooring. I was being a bit cautious as this was the first time that I had actually been at the helm of Durlsley and so still had to get the feel of how she handled, but we were soon on the main line heading toward Middlewich. After 3 years handling a boat with a cruiser stern the trad stern took a bit of getting used to for the fist 20 minutes. Well actually we didn't cruise much longer than 20 minutes as we moored between bridges 12 and 13 on the Midddlewich branch to enjoy the beautiful view as the Sun was setting over Church Minshull.

The Sun setting over Church Minshull
On Tuesday morning we decided to only cruise another hour toward Middlewich and stop overnight at the visitor moorings with the view of Winsford flashes. We chose to do this short trip for several reasons, the weather wasn't great but was looking good from Wednesday, we were still tired from a mad couple of months at work, but most importantly because we can.
My attempt at splicing

So Tuesday became a chill down day, plenty of dog walking and Russell having his first fall into the cut. I even spent the afternoon splicing eyes onto side fenders so I could fasten them to the boat with D rings.
After an early evening meal we watched three episodes of American Horror story, our newly found series to fill the void after Breaking Bad. Not the best thing to be watching just before you take the dogs out for a last walk past woods with screaming creatures, it was a very quick walk.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

All Change

The blog has been somewhat neglected recently I think this a reflection of how busy we have been these past months. We put our house up for sale at the end of November and sold it within a week, this was great but with the delicate balance of life we now had a new challenge. We were now faced with the task of emptying the house and downsizing all of our possessions to fit on the boat within three weeks ready to move just before Christmas. We actually gave up on this idea and decided to move into a land based home until we got our new boat.We had a crazy move on the 21st December but we were soon settled into our new house just in time for Christmas.

Jess in the foreground
January came with sad news as our 17 year old cross lab Jess passed away. Amazingly she came in from the garden, got into her bed, closed her eyes and went to sleep for the last time. This was not unexpected given her age it was just a matter of time but still incredibly sad when it happens.

Well here we are some weeks later and say hello to Russell our new Border Terrier puppy. Edward has taken to him very quickly and already treating like his new little brother. 

Edward and his new brother Russell

To round off a busy 3 months we decided it was time to get our new boat. First we needed to sell our current boat, we considered various options of selling our narrowboat and decided to try Apollo Duck. The response was amazing and we had sold "Lost But Not Worried" in less than a week. Although after agreeing the sale Bev was having second thoughts. We had a day of looking at boats it did make us appreciate what a nice boat "Lost But Not Worried" was, unfortunately she just wasn't quite a live aboard. With the deal done we agreed to deliver "Lost But Not Worried" to its new owners and I do have to say it was very hard to walk away from her for the last time. The last time I had such a feeling was when I left my daughter Kayleigh at nursery for the first time.

Eventually the right boat found us and before long we had bought our new boat, NB Dursley.

NB Dursley
As I write this Dursley is meandering her way from the North Oxford to Cheshire with a stoppage between us :-( so we are not sure when she will arrive. We do know she is in good hands though as our friends Ken and Sue are bringing her home for us. So more updated on our new boat soon.