Thursday, 27 June 2013

London bound

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This week saw a journey of a different kind, I had to travel to London on Wednesday for the Green Corporate Energy conference. The problem here for me is that the older I get the less I like big cities and really have got to hate going to London, mainly because I get a bit claustrophobic on the underground. So it was a relief when I found out that the venue this year was right next to Euston station, at least with the modern train service it's easy to commute there and back in the same day. As such I found myself stood on platform 5 at Crewe station waiting for the 6:02 to London Euston, a regular commute for some.

As we pulled out of Crewe station it wasn't long before I was reminded of our summer break on the boat last year as this rail route meanders close to the canal for a large part of the journey.
Picture courtesy of Google images
I remember cruising on the Staffordshire and Worcester canal toward Stafford and having a conversation with Bev as a train passed us, that this is the canal that you see when your on the train to London. Now here I was in a sort of time shift paradox looking down on narrowboats looking back at the train just as I did last July.
This did however give me an excited feel as I realised that this years summer break is only a few weeks away. Bev teaches at a college so we spend the full summer on the boat during her holidays. Although I will only take two and bit weeks holiday I will commute from the boat for the rest of Bev's the summer.
Last Summer we headed down the Shroppie to Autherley junction and then turned left toward Stafford, this year however we are going to turn right at Autherley junction and head toward Stourport. This is a new bit of canal for us to explore so we are really looking forward to it. Even better as we go armed with some information from other blog writers, narrowboats Qisma and Epithany.
The day in London was soon done and I was on the train back to Crewe and back on the boat just after 6pm at Church Minshull.

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