Saturday, 13 July 2013

Chopping firewood in the sun

Our mooring for the night
This weekend was another random voyage as Bev was back and to tending to family matters we hadn't intended to go out on the boat this weekend. But as she arrived back later on Friday evening we decided to start the engine and just go. We only cruised about a mile but that was enough to find a mooring spot that could have been a hundred miles away. We moored with some young cows looking across at us from the off side. As we sat on deck having a drink it occurred to me why the canal level was low. It's the cows drinking it! The cows were lined up sucking water up like giant water pumps and noisy with it. At least it is reassuring to think that the canal water is being recycled into best Cheshire milk.

was the deck, now its firewood
In the morning I decided to rip up the decking that was on our well deck, decking! I hear you say, I know but it was an original feature, it was very therapeutic to get rid of it and the well deck looked so much better without it. The problem was that I now had a pile of wood on the tow path that I couldn't leave there. So in the blazing sun there I was with a saw cutting the decking boards into wood burner size and attracting that look from passing boats that just said there's that mad man again. 
Just before we moved on for the day we were treated with an amazing sight. A hire boat passed at full  speed ahead ignoring my question, asked in calm enquiring tone, " did you forget to slow down?" He then proceeded to zig zag nearly hitting the offside bank, then the towpath and then as he was heading for the bank again an oncoming boat appeared from around the bend, with an almost certain collision about to happen. All of a sudden as he was heading for the towpath again but this time stopping rather quickly as he hit the bank. He disappeared around the bend in similar fashion. God help the Middlewich branch today.

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