Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cheshire's best kept secret!

We have kept the boat moored at Anderton this week to give us ahead start for the Bank holiday weekend, actually within a ten minutes walk of where we live. It always seems a little odd to some people because we still prefer to sleep on the boat even when we are so close to home. That's the thing really, the boat is really our home, the house has become our storage facility, hence it will be back up for sale again soon.
The new marina entrance
The jetties can be seen already in place
On Friday I took a half days holiday and so after loading the boat with supplies we were on the move for 2:30pm. We decided to head for the flashes North of Middlewich another place with great views and so wide you hardly notice speeding boats going past.

On the journey down we were just South of Orchard marina when a digger working in a field caught my attention. It was then that I saw it, Cheshire's best kept secret. It was a new marina in an advanced stage of its construction. How had we not heard of this before? An Internet search didn't really reveal much information so if you know anything about this new marina please drop me a line.
Evening view on the Flashes
Our mooring for Saturday night
We were going to move round to Bramble cuttings on Saturday but decided to stay here on the flashes for another day. The views are fantastic and I have only just realised that there is an official footpath that goes over the railway bridge 180A. This makes the flashes accessible by road, handy for getting a taxi or for family joining us for the day.
Tomorrow we will head back through Middlewich, hopefully easier than the journey down.

The railway bridge 180A
The view from bridge 180A

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