Sunday, 1 September 2013

Winsford flashes again

Edward checking on the BBQ
On Saturday morning we got up early as we wanted to get an early start to our three hour cruise for the day. We had decided to spend Saturday night at the visitor moorings looking down on Winsford top flashes again. I say again because last bank holiday weekend we had stayed there,  in the exact same spot. The only thing is that the next place to wind around is Middlewich junction and so we wanted to do this on Saturday rather than on Sunday morning. We slipped out of a calm marina at 8:30 for the two hour cruise to Middlewich and then the hour back to the visitor mooring. It was actually just after midday when we were moored although the journey had felt much quicker. Only on canal time can two plus one equal three and a half, but somehow that is what had happened. We had a relaxing afternoon taking the chance to have one of our last BBQ's of the year whilst taking in just one of the so many amazing views on our canal network.

Looking down onto Winsford top flashes
On Sunday morning when we got up it was a little cool so  put the central heating on for the first time in a good few weeks to take the chill off before heading back to the marina. In the afternoon we went to the gym for a gentle training session and a nice sauna. Now the question is will it be cold enough to light the fire this evening. 

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